September 9, 2019

Petah Tikva - VST (Services) Company Ltd., a leading Israeli company in production and development of research systems and vacuum machines for advanced industries, has significantly expanded its operations in the Israeli and global markets with the entry of a new strategic investor.

"VST combines exclusive knowledge and experience alongside constant innovation," says Dr. Angel Hershko, CEO and Chief Scientist. "The addition of this fresh investor opens the company to new horizons of technological advancement, considerable improvement in service and availability, and breakthroughs into diverse markets, while retaining existing customers. Our new partner is an Israeli with business interests in Israel and the US, specializing in sophisticated information systems and online marketing."

VST was founded over 35 years ago by Hershko, a recognized global expert in the vacuum field. During that time the company has built a distinguished reputation at prestigious universities and research institutes worldwide, and has a presence in Europe, the US and the Far East. The Israeli security, defense and aerospace industries have been amongst VST’s loyal customers since its inception.

VST’s flagship product is state-of-the-art vacuum machines that combine production and research capabilities at extreme temperatures and maximum precision. The company develops and builds thin layer coating systems in vacuum chambers, using a wide variety of technologies including sputtering systems and E.B. guns. VST is uniquely qualified to customize its products to its clients’ precise needs, one of the most significant challenges in the vacuum industry. VST also provides extensive maintenance services for vacuum machines.

"Joining our existing, highly skilled staff is veteran chemist, Dr. Jeremy Greenblatt whose mission is to launch a new breed of machines that will combine physics, chemistry, and nanotechnology,” said Hershko. Greenblatt was a senior researcher at IIBR, visiting scientist at Tel Aviv University, Carnegie Mellon University and the Naval Research Laboratory, previously he was Advanced Technologies manager at Tadiran Technology Center and a post-doc at IBM. Dr. Greenblatt specialized in thin film, nanotechnology and plasma R&D.

"We have also welcomed Itay Frommer as Vice President of Operations and Manufacturing." said Hershko, Frommer is a former Vice President of Research and Development at Celeno Communications with over twenty years of experience in the high-tech and semiconductor industries.

"These steps have been taken to streamline and improve productivity. We are very excited about the revitalizing changes and are ready to respond to our customers challenges," said Hershko.

An exciting future for VST lies ahead. As Hershko sums it up, "VST is ready to spread its wings with the next generation of its groundbreaking products."

More information about the company and its products can be found at www.vacuumltd.com.