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High quality custom-built inert atmosphere Glove Boxes, Gas Management Systems and Solvent Purification Systems. 


Ateq France

World number one supplier of automatic leak testing machines & leak test systems for assembly lines or laboratories.



Supplier of inductively coupled RF-Plasma Source for advanced thin film coatings and surface treatments


Chart Dosers

Cryogenic delivery systems and dosing equipment for various applications including food and beverage, packaging, biomedical, pharmaceutical, entertainment, aerospace, thermal testing, semiconductor, solar, and many other specialized end users.


Chemat Technology Inc.

High quality precision spin coater, Bubblers for CVD application, Sol gel processing equipment



Environmental Test Chambers


Douglas Engineering

Hermetical sealed conductors


 I.S.I. Insulator Seal Inc

Ceramic-to Metal Sealed Feedthroughs, Viewports and Glass Components.


 J.A. Woolam Co, Inc.

Spectroscopic Ellipsometers for non-destructive thin film and bulk material characterization.


MDC Vacuum Products Corp

MDC Components & Systems for High & Ultra-high Vacuum Applications, MDC Fabricates Custom Vacuum Components, Chambers and Systems, Flanges & Fittings, Weld Fittings, Gates, Vacuum Instrumentation, Viewports & Glass Adaptors, Electrical & Motion Feedthroughs, Sample Manipulation devices


MeiVac, Inc

Leading supplier of US MAK Magnetron Sputter Deposition Sources, related RF and DC power supplies, and high vacuum, oxygen compatible substrate heaters.   Product range also includes Vari-Q Ambient temperature throttle valves that range from 100 mm to 35 inches diameter and provide high-resolution process pressure control for a wide variety of applications.



Manufacturer of PVD evaporation equipment ,water vapor cryotraps, quartz crystal deposition controllers, optical instrumentation, and magnetic fluid feedthru