Sputtering System

Using all known sputtering sources including DC, DC pulsed, RF and HIPIMS power supplies we are covering reactive and      none-reactive sputtering. The sample temperature can be controlled from RT to high temperature 800˚C during thin film deposition. Sample translation and rotation can be combined with sophisticate load lock sample manipulation. Our sputter deposition system can be supplied with up to 4 sources, targets and with or without load lock chambers and linear transfer mechanism. Source for pre-cleaning, are intended for co-sputtering mode. Multiple sample stages feature integrated sample bias and controlled heating and temperature measurement. A completely automated process control system is furnished to ensure    a reliable, repeatable and high quality coating process.

TFSP- 840

The next generation Sputtering Deposition systems series TFSP-840 are flexible completely customizable magnetron sputtering system designed specifically for R&D and prototype production.


Sputtering deposition system series TFSP-995 equipped with three 6" semi unbalanced magnetron sputter sources.