Processing Vacuum Chamber

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Processing Vacuum Chamber

 Processing Vacuum Chamber

The general use processing cubical shaped vacuum chamber is designed for production and/or testing. It can be adapted for storage at low pressure, degassing of liquids, polymeric mixtures, plastics resins and epoxies as well as for drying processes and other related processes. As example for special application of processing vacuum chamber is in the LCD production when integrated with pneumatic press used to seal/glue in vacuum at accurate force, liquid crystals display panel parts. The pressure control of the vacuum chamber is fully automated and can be programmed for several steps with adjustable pressure changing ramps, and soak time. Heating can be added for further flexibility. The vacuum chamber is constructed of welded stainless steel with interior standard dimensions of 600 mm high x 500 mm deep x 600 mm wide, custom dimensions are also possible. Design of the vacuum chamber enable to reach vacuum less than 1x10-2 Torr with suitable vacuum pump. For safety reason, the front door of the chamber has a floating mount. When using dry nitrogen for back filling of the chamber, the door automatically relieves the pressure. The closed frame is manufactured of anodized aluminum profiles and has four heavy load wheels with 250 kg max load each. 

Many optional features available:

  • vacuum pump
  • in-vacuum lights
  • electrical feedthroughs
  • gases feedthroughs
  • liquid feedthroughs
  • thermal shelves
  • manipulators
  • heater

Standard PC with LCD touch screen monitor and compact keyboard as well as digital vacuum transducer and electrical operated roughing and vent valves available on request.