Vaccum Ovens

Our new line of vacuum ovens is design for ultra clean application. The stainless steel chamber walls are kept smooth for easy cleaning with our special design external heaters. The vacuum ovens are pumped with roughing pumps or turbo molecular pumps based on specific applications like drying of moisture sensitive devices and / or degassing of elastomers.


In 1994 ,the first special vacuum oven was designed and tested in cooperation with Motorola Israel, followed by a second installation in Motorola Plantation ,FI., USA. Vacuum Oven for drying moisture sensitive components.


Yael- 864HVT is a member of the known "Yael" family of vacuum ovens. The front panel is designed for easy operation and service and features a sliding drawer, which includes the electrical panel and instrumentation.


Our Model TCH- 340 is a cold-wall "heated shelves" rugged high vacuum oven used in laboratory, industrial and testing applications,with temperature up to 350° C.


The TCH-595 is a high vacuum oven, which provides three main functions: Chamber heating, pressure reducing below atmosphere pressure,active control of outgassing components.