TCH-005 Compact Vacuum Oven for Glove Box integration

TCH-005 oven is specifically design to be use with inert gas glove box

  • Designed for rear or side wall mount on the glove box Front door opened inside the glove box
  • Door can be field assembled to open left or right
  • Chamber made of stainless steel
  • Box construction, electro-polished
  • Heated shelf type oven
  • Vacuum Pumps can be either oil vane-two stage pump or dry scroll pump.
  • Normally closed electromagnetic roughing and vent valve
  • Fail safe on power failure with sealed chamber
  • Vent using Dry Nitrogen direct from glove box
  • Vacuum gauge from atmosphere to 5x10-3 Torr
  • Heater electrical made outside the chamber
  • Programmable temperature controller
  • Microprocessor based dedicated control unit of with proprietary software Optional stand for internal installation of the oven
  • Special cutoff is required for installation. When installed on the back wall we recommend reduced Depth of the box for easy access

Technical Data:

Capacity:8 liters
Number of heated used shelves: 1
Interior Dimensions 200mm wide x 200mm deep x 200mm  high
Shelf dimensions150x150 mm
Temperature Range:Ambient to 400°C
Heater: 0.5 kW
Temperature Uniformity+/- 2% of set point
Temperature Control± 1° C
Heat up (no load)35° C/min
Vacuum:less than 1x10-2 Torr (depend on vacuum pump)

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