Thin Film Deposition System TFDS-870 Glove Box Integrated

The TFDS-870 Thin Film Deposition Systems are designed to be integrated with Inert Gas Glove Box primarily for organic layer deposition R&D scale as well as part of the fabrication line under inert gas environment. VST developed a wide range of combined thin film deposition/glove box systems, for customers who require vacuum deposition while ensuring that samples remain in an inert atmosphere during “pre” or “post”- deposition, handling or between successive depositions.

Major applications for our combined glove box/thin-film deposition system products include research and production in the following areas:

  • OLED/PLED technology
  • Display technologies
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • Super-capacitors
  • Printed electronics
  • Batteries
  • Biotechnology

Our systems design is exceptional flexible and in conjunction with the wide range of components available, allows the perfect fit of the system to the researcher needs. Most of the known deposition sources such as low temperature organic material evaporation, thermal evaporation, electron beam, ion beam, sputtering, plasma sources, etc. can be easy integrated.


  • Glovebox with 3 and more gloves
  • 2 access doors with interlocks, one door from the glovebox-side and one from the atmosphere side used for service
  • Fast cycling to enable several runs per day with dry and wet high vacuum pumping setups according to process requirements
  • Protective liners, easy removable for cleaning purpose
  • Up to 8 Low Temperature Evaporators
  • Thermal, EB-gun, ion-gun and sputtering deposition are supported
  • Optional co-deposition from two, three and more sources
  • Combination of organic and metal sources
  • Fully automated with PLC/PC control
  • Human friendly engineering offers safe operation fully protected against operator errors
  • Several levels of security are used to differentiate operators, process engineers, or service user levels
  • Remote Internet Support (RIS) for service, software update, training
  • Data logging of process parameters
  • The recorded data can be review online or offline
  • Turbomolecular or cryogenic pump, combined with oil or dry roughing pump
  • Additional accessories are supported integrally in the same box: vacuum oven, refrigerator, freezer, spin-coater, etc.