Rotary Dryve

Rotary Motion Dryve


  • 4" diameter holder plate featuring sample mounting provision
  • Liquid Nitrogen capacity aprox 200 cc
  • Designed for high vacuum applications in the range of  1x10-8 Torr
  • Filling: using pressurized Liquid Nitrogen tank or manually through the funnel 
  • In-vacuum  heater before chamber venting
  • Ferrofluidics feedtrough
  • Heavy duty shaft
  • Rotation speed 2 - 8 rpm, adjustable
  • Overload protection for the driving motor
  • Three motor speed setting method : External Potentiometer, External DC voltage, Internal Potentiometer
  • Alarm Output/ Reset
  • Optional intermediate plate for customized sample holder
  • Optional Bayonet clamp for quick sample mounting