Substrate Holder

Cooled / heated substrate holders with Rotary Drive

V.S.T. has developed several substrate holders design for interchangeability and fully field upgradable.

When possible the holders are delivered installed on standard vacuum flanges which fits our vacuum chambers substrate holder port flange.

All the electrical connections are similar. The wiring diagrams are similar and allow integrating any of the holders on the system. The PLC recognizes the holder model thanks to key code inside the plug. The PLS software behavior is adapted to the holder model automatically.

Optional features

  • Watercooling
  • Water rotating slipring
  • Electrical slipring
  • Ferrofluidics feedtrough
  • Heavy duty shaft
  • Rotation controller featuring
  • Mask holding
  • Heating up to 1000°C
  • Bayonet fast sample mounting
  • Spring sample holders
    • Overload protective function
    • Out-of-phase power protective function,  
    • Overvoltage protective function,
    • Low voltage protective function,
    • Over-speed protective function
    • Alarm Output/ Reset
    • Speed Output