Vacuum Arc Melting Furnace AM-133

Turn-key Vacuum Arc Melting Furnace, model AM-133 is intended for following processes

  • Metallic and Non-Metallic Buttons
  • Material Densification and purification
  • Powder Melting
  • Arc Vacuum Casting
  • Annealing
  • Compound Synthesis
  • Experimental alloys
  • Thermal treatment


  • Stainless steel water-cooled cylindrical type processing chamber
  • Easy opened bottom hearth for fast loading/unloading
  • Two viewports with removable shield
  • Interior illumination
  • Lifting mechanism for loading of 3D samples
  • Water-cooled tungsten rod cathode and replaceable customized crucible
  • Pressure automatic regulation in upstream mode
  • Reactive and inert gas controlled atmosphere
  • Inert gas controlled purge
  • High Frequency Arc Starter as standard, no getter required
  • Safety water switches
  • PC/PLC control with fully automated processes
  • Touch Screen Control panel
  • Programmable power and pressure ramping
  • Manual / Auto / Service control
  • Three Login permission levels – Operator, Manager, Supervisor
  • Historical data logger with graphical Online /Offline review

Max. Temperature

Over 3500°C


42.4 cm O.D. water-cooled copper

Stinger Tip

12.7 mm Diameter Tungsten Rod


stainless steel, water-cooled


315 mm inside diameter, 308 mm Height

Ultimate pressure

less than 1x10-2 Torr

Range of arc current

50 – 650 A

Number of gases


Max gas flow

20 slm


  • Turbo or Diffusion High Vacuum Pump
  • Customized Hearth
  • Downstream pressure control mode
  • Controlled partial pressure of inlet gases