TCH-447 - Thermal Vacuum Chamber

The equipment is design for altitude/temperature testing.The working table and shroud are use to control test environment heating/cooling.The temperature of table (tested item) and the shroud can me different during test simulating the influence of Moon and Sun during satellite revolution.The space and atmospheric flight conditions simulator, can run tests ranging from sea level to over 1 Million Feet altitude were the pressure is as low as 1 x 10-8 Torr, and from as low as -50°C to +100°C.The system is using two fully independent circuits of secondary heat-transfer fluid.The independent controls allows tests configuration, were the working table and the reflecting shroud are at different temperatures. The high vacuum system is design high MTBF necessary for "Life test", requiring uninterrupted test for long periods of time.The tested items can be run and observed using hundreds of electrical feedthroughs including RF, low and high voltage/current as well as more than 40 temperature probs.The system is fully automatic using advance PCsoftware.All test data is recorded on the PC hard disk.

Technical Data:



Ultimate pressure:

less than 2.0x10-7 mbar (empty chamber)

Pump Down Time:

1.0x10-6 mbar in 120 min (empty chamber)

Roughing Vacuum pumps:



Scroll, oil less

Peak pumping speed:

25 m3/hrs

Guaranteed ultimate pressure:

less than 1x10-2mbar

Cryogenic pump:


Nominal pumping speed:



9000 liters/sec


3000 liters/sec


5000 liters/sec


2000 std. liters, Argon

Vacuum Chamber:



320 liter (summary)


690 mm (inside)

Depth (cylindrical part)

880 mm

Depth (total)

1035 mm (inside)



Temperature range:

from -40°C to 100°C

Temperature stability:

± 2°C

Temperature accuracy:

± 0.1°C

Maximum temperature difference between two separated points on the plate or the shroud


Temperature Variation Rate

± 3°C/min for 25 kg aluminum load         ± 5°C/min for 6 kg aluminum load           ± 7°C/min for 2 kg aluminum load