TCH-499 - Altitude Test Chamber

The TCH-499 Altitude Thermal Test Chamber can simulate flight environment.

The TCH-499 provides the following functions:

  • Altitude simulation up to 70 000 feet (vacuum from atmosphere to 30 Torr)
  • The temperature simulation from -60°C to +130°C
  • The process chamber is made of stainless steel, box construction
  • The front door has integral transparent triplex glass with additional Perspex protective screen
  • Two side ports ISO NW 100 permits insert into the process chamber several electrical signals for connection with unit under test
  • The standard Hot/Cold plate of cooling system is installed in the bottom of the chamber
  • The vacuum pump is a rotary direct-drive two stage pump with exhaust filter and inlet assimilation trap mounted into the frame on shock absorbers with assimilation trap to reduce or eliminate the undesirable effects of mechanical vacuum pump oil back streaming
  • Two roughing valves are provided for high and low pumping speed
  • The vent valve permits insert dry nitrogen into the process chamber for purging and release decompression of the chamber
  • Pressure (vacuum) into the process chamber is measured by diaphragm vacuum gauge with sensitivity ±1 Torr
  • The TCH-499 has front control panel PLC control interface as well as HMI interface for easy operation. PC INTERFACE HMI provides a convenient and handy control of the system as well as data logging features

Processing chamber

500 mm W x 360 H x 500 mm D

Hot/Cold plate



316x265 mm

350 mm

Heating/Cooling Range

-60ºC to +130ºC (thermal platform temperature range)

Vacuum Range

from 760 to 30 Torr (from 0 to 70,000 feet)

Additional side ports for feedthroughs

two ports ISO NW 100