TCH-595- Degassing System

The Yael-864HVT is a versatile high vacuum oven

Our ModelTCH- 595is a hot-wall rugged high vacuum oven used in industrial and testing applications, with temperature up to 110° C.Our new line of vacuum ovens is design for ultra clean application.The stainless steel chamber walls are kept smooth for easy cleaning.The vacuum ovens are pumped with dry or "wet" roughing pumps and turbo molecular pumps based on specific application.TheTCH- 595is supply with high performance pumps and vacuum gauges as a "Plug & Play" unit.All ovens are supplied with certificates of calibration.We offer a full line of gaskets to suit applications such as "Silicon free" environment.The PLC controls all interlocks including the over temperature protection. The PLC is also used for easy programming of the vacuum and temperature ramping cycle.The system can be delivered with our OMNICONVAC IIsoftware and PC communication capability.This optional feature has the advantage of auto storage of all analog system data, on-line, for in-situ and ex-situ analysis. The OMNICONVAC IImakes the ramping programming extremely easy. It is also possible to overlap the actual values recorded during the process with the required values. For most of applications, the actual values may deviate less than ± 0.5 °C as compared to the required value.The heating ramps are programmable from 0.5 to 10 °C/min.The vacuum oven can be also program to progressively increase the temperature while pressure is maintained under a predefined value.

Technical Data:

Ultimate pressure:

less than 1x10-6Torr

Pump Down Time:

9x10-6Torr in 30 min


closed type, aluminum anodizes profiles

Roughing Vacuum pump:

Nominal pumping speed:

18 m3/hrs

Turbo-molecular Vacuum pump:

Nominal pumping speed, N2:

Guaranteed ultimate pressure:

550 l/min


500mm I.D. x 500mm Depth horizontal stainless steel cylinder,100 liter volume


up to 110°C and not less than ambient temperature


Compressed air:

Vent gas (optionally):

60 to 125 psig inlet pressure, filtered and dried
Nitrogen, filtered and dried at 30 psig