Yael-864 - Vacuum Oven

In 1994 ,the first special vacuum oven was designed and tested in cooperation with Motorola israel,followed by a second,FI., USA. Vacuum Oven for drying moisture sensitive components. Processes for drying moisture sensitive devices has been a problem issue for the manufacturing industry. Most manufacturers unreel and bake the devices at 125 °C and then re-reel the devices. Motorola Israel helped design a vacuum oven that allowed the whole reel of devices to be dried without removing the devices from the reel. In order to determine if the vacuum oven was a good alternative, an experiment was designed that compared the vacuum oven to a conventional oven set at 125 °C and a conventional oven set at 70 °C. It was concluded from this experiment that the vacuum oven is an excellent alternative to the conventional 125 °C oven. MOTOROLA report, aug. 1997 by ISHAYAU PERELMAN Ishayau_Perelman-CIP001@email.mot.com


  • Faster than standard oven at 70 oC (temperature limited by the polystyrene material used for reels land tapes)
  • As fast as 125 oC baking process
  • Practically 100% uniformity throughout the reel, unlike conventional ovens
  • No coplanarity and electrostatic discharge (ESD) failures as with 125 oC baking
  • No inter-metallic film formed between the solder ball and the PCB carrier on Ball Grid Arrays (BGA), as with 125 oC baking
  • Remarkable quality with near absolute dry resulting devices after only 24 hours processing
  • Fully automated with PLC control, RS232, Modem, printer and computer communication capabilities (optional)

Technical Data:

Reel capacity:

Up to 20 reel

Process required time at 70oC:

24 hours


4200 inch3 (70 dm3) 15"(381mm) ID x 23.6" (600mm)L


up to 194 oF (90 oC) and not less than ambient temperature


Less than 50 mTorr (after 15min of pumping down of the clean empty chamber)


3 x 208 VAC/60 Hz, 5KW max (as per customers requirements - no charge)

Ambient Temperature:

57-104 oF (14-40 oC)


Less than 95% non condensing


52" (1720mm) H
23.6" (600mm)W
31.5" (800mm) D


390 lbs (175 kg)