YAEL-864HVT - Degassing System

The Yael-864HVT is a versatile high vacuum oven

Yael- 864HVTis a member of the well established"Yael"family of vacuum ovens. The front panel is designed for easy operation and service. The electrical panel and instrumentation is installed in easy accessible drawer which can slide out for maintenance. A back door is provided for service access. The vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel, cylindrical construction, electro polished.Two external heaters design to keep smooth internal wall for easy cleaning.Two perforated horizontal shelves are mounted inside the vacuum chamber for components loading. The apparent front door of the chamber has a floating mount which holds the blank stainless steel flange.When using dry nitrogen for back filling of the chamber, the stainless steel door automatically relieves the pressure while the apparent door is locked. This is done to prevent over pressurizing the chamber. Two blanked ports NW16 are provided for future used, such as Mass Spectrometer.A third auxiliary port is provided for optional rotary cage used for elastomers degassing.The uniform heating normally difficult in vacuum is achieved due to process control and sequence of the process, preprogrammed in the system PLC.

Technical Data:


27 liters

Number of heated used shelves:

3 plus one additional dummy shelve

Distance between shelves:

64 mm

Inner Dimensions:

300mm wide x 300mm deep x 300mm high

Outer Dimensions:

480mm wide x 556 mm deep x 660mm high


5.6 kW (for lower temperature rates lower power heaters available on request)


Digital PID Multi-Function Controllers


From Ambient to 350°C


± 1.0°C


± 1.0°C

Ultimate pressure:

< 5x10-7 Torr

Inner Material:

Stainless Steel Low outgassing aluminum alloy(chamber), electroless nickel plating (shelves)

Outer Material:

Anodized or epoxy painted aluminum


Over Temp Cut-off, Current Breaker