Evaporation System

Custom vacuum systems and custom thin film deposition systems for a wide range of applications, including research/production prototype. We offer a choice of R&D or production prototyping configurations for our thin film deposition systems.

Series 462

The TFDS-462 Thin film deposition systems series are designed for R&D laboratories to offer best value to cost ratio.


TFDS-462B D-shape box chamber High Vacuum Thin Film Deposition System customized to your needs. System designed and built per customer specifications


TFDS-462T low cost bell jar type deposition system designed for research & development


Deposition System TFDS-462U for coating thin films of metals on substrate materials such as metals, semiconductors or glass


The TFDS-141 is a compact high vacuum coater for medium scale production of Thin Film Coated samples. Designed for pilot and medium size production production to offer best value to cost ratio.


The TFDS-900 high vacuum coater for large scale batch production of Thin Film Coated High End Optics. Designed for industrial use to offer best value to cost ratio. Exceptional flexibility and the wide range of components available, allows the perfect fit of the system to the researcher needs.


Deposition cluster tool incorporating up to 7 process modules: loading/unloading, deposition, treatment, substrates/masks storage.