Using all known sputtering sources including RF, DC, pulsed DC and HIPIMS power supplies, VST sputter deposition systems can be used in reactive and non-reactive modes. Sample translation and rotation can be combined with sophisticated load lock sample manipulation.The sample temperature can be controlled from room-temperature to as high as 800˚C during thin film deposition.

VST sputter deposition systems can contain up to 6 sources in a co-planar or co-sputtering sputter-up or sputter-down modes, with adjustable sputter angles and substrate to source distances. They feature customized RF biased substrate holders, with or without a load lock chamber and linear transfer mechanism. They can be fitted with Ion beam sources for pre-cleaning or ion assisted deposition. A completely automated process control system is furnished to ensure a reliable, repeatable and high-quality coating process.

Our sputtering systems may be designed to include in the same chamber additional electron-beam/thermal evaporation sources. Our systems support also sputtering and evaporation in two adjacent chambers...


We obtained quite immediately excellent process results on all layers that we had planned to grow using this equipment. The equipment has been running on a daily basis, and we have so far encountered no failure, and this is explained by the fact that the components of the system are of very high quality.

Dr Olivier BRIOT

Director of Research – CNRS - National Center for Scientific Research

University of Montpellier, France